Reading a Microsoft blog post about a new artificial intelligence designed to play the perfect game of Ms. Pac-Man, I couldn’t help but think about playing a tabletop version of Atari’s classic video game as a kid in the entertainment centre of a hotel in Brandon, Manitoba, which happened to be next to the pool.

My sister and I would swim in the pool, then get out and run across the deck into the games room, dripping wet. We’d plug quarters into the machine, sit down to play, and –surprise, surprise – start receiving tiny electrical shocks whenever our wet fingers touched the metal part of the joystick just below the red knob.

The funny thing is, that didn’t keep us from playing. Every time our hands slipped down we’d get a little jolt of pain, but we’d keep going. Our brains registered the negative feedback, but categorized it as minor (i.e. non-life threatening) and overrode the impulse to stop in favour of the pleasure of playing and the desire to win.

A similar type of human-like intelligence seems to be at work in an AI created by Maluuba – a deep-learning start-up based in Waterloo, Ontario that was acquired by Microsoft …read more

Source:: Financial Post – Tech

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