Boeing 737 MAX 10

An artist’s conception shows a 737 MAX 10 jet flying over Paris. (Boeing Illustration)

This week’s Paris Air Show started off with a zoom, in the form of Boeing’s launch of the 737 MAX 10 jet — the longest version of its fuel-efficient single-aisle airplane family.

Today’s kickoff of the sales campaign was totally unsurprising, but the 240 orders announced at launch made for a “surprisingly strong showing” on its face, Leeham News and Comment’s Scott Hamilton reported.

He added that “the 240 orders were more than had been expected — and less than advertised.”

The 737 MAX 10, due to enter service in 2020, is 66 inches longer than the MAX 9 and can accommodate 10 more seats for a maximum capacity of 230 passengers. The stretch version is meant to attract operators who are willing to trade off more seats for slightly less range (up to 3,700 miles with an auxiliary tank vs. 4,045 miles for a similarly equipped MAX 9).

Boeing’s 737 MAX line is facing tough competition from Europe-based Airbus’ A320 line, which is leading in the order tally. The MAX 10 sizes up as an equivalent to the A321neo.

Among the companies announcing commitments to buy the MAX 10 …read more

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