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Carrie Fisher died last year from what coroner’s officials believe to be sleep apnea “and a combination of other factors,” according to the results of her death inquiry.

Because Fisher’s family did not authorize a full autopsy, officials were limited to drawing conclusions from an external exam, the results of which were released on June 16 and published in full by the Los Angeles Times on June 19. As a result, officials said they did not have enough evidence to “conclusively determine” the cause of Fisher’s death.

Additional details from toxicology screenings taken when she arrived at the hospital showed Fisher had cocaine in her system, The Associated Press reported. However, officials believe she took it three days before the December 23 flight on which she got sick. Fisher died four days later, according to AP. Officials also found traces of heroin and MDMA in her system but couldn’t say when she had taken those drugs.

Given the time frame, investigators could not say for sure what — if any — impact those drugs may have had on Fisher’s death. Sleep apnea is therefore listed as the main contributing factor.

Sleep apnea is a chronic illness that involves pauses in breathing or …read more

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