Spheres tour

Joyce Irish and her grandson Brian Thompson tour Amazon’s Spheres, at the end of May in Seattle. (Amazon Photo / Jordan Stead)

Joyce Irish has seen a lot of things get built in her lifetime in Seattle. She’s also outlived a good number of them, including the first SR 520 floating bridge and the Kingdome. But the rapid change in the city where she has lived for most of her life is perhaps most uniquely illustrated by the Spheres going up on Amazon’s downtown campus.

Irish, 97, was born in Seattle in 1920, had not been downtown in 10 years, and health problems had kept her close to her Shoreline, Wash., senior living facility for 15 months. But the avid reader and consumer of daily news was well aware of the Spheres — the three glass-enclosed domes that will serve as a plant-filled perk for employees of the tech giant — and she really wanted to see them in person.

“I’ve read everything they’ve had in the paper about the thing. I just thought it was unique,” Irish told GeekWire. “I’ve just always followed construction work — it fascinates me.”

The Amazon Spheres as seen from a drone. (Rudy Willingham Photo)

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Source:: GeekWire

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