Misery, at least across the Western United States, loves company.

Yes, the San Francisco Bay Area has been miserable for days as temperatures break all-time highs. And, yes, the region won’t be cooling off until the end of the week.

But at least we’re not alone in our profuse sweating. Here are some of the heat-related horror stories from our fellow residents of the sun-scorched West. Think of them as dispatches from the front lines of The Great Heat Wave of ’17:

Welcome to the Hottest Place in America!

Death Valley National Park hits 120 degrees over the weekend and what do people do? They descend en masse into the park! Apparently, it’s a thing: when the heat gets tough, the tough get going, visiting the park in swarms, says Mike Orozco, an employee at Panamint Springs Resort at the entrance of the hellishly hot spot. “When it’s 120 to 125,” he says, “there’s more customers.” He says locals even have a name for the phenomenon: they call the summer spike the ‘‘European season” because of the crush of heat-seeking tourists from Germany, France and Sweden. Adds John Adair, a National Weather Service meteorologist, “there’s very few places on Earth to go to …read more

Source:: East Bay – Science

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