Bus in the city

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Imagine riding in a vehicle that, for a small fee, picks you up at a predetermined location and drops you off at another predetermined location, making stops on the way and dropping off others who might be in the vehicle with you.

This sounds an awful lot like a city bus, right? But it’s exactly how ride-sharing giant Lyft is selling its new ride scheme, Lyft Shuttle. “Ride for a low fixed fare along convenient routes, with no surprise stops,” the company’s marketing reads.

Commenters around the internet roundly mocked the hubris of Lyft and its boosters in marketing an everyday public service as a faux-innovative private one.

this is a bus. Lyft invented a bus. Lyft shuttle is a bus. pic.twitter.com/NTjXbqGdYT

— Jules N. Binoculars (@surfbordt) June 19, 2017

I see a lot of people are crapping on #Lyft Shuttle, but I think their latest invention is brilliant and the height of innovation. pic.twitter.com/Cpi7LmDEaL

— Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) June 19, 2017

Private buses have become relatively common in Silicon Valley, though so far access to such commuter options has been largely restricted to tech companies’ employees. Like Silicon Valley’s notorious

Source:: Salon – Innovation

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