PewDiePie made an update video to express that he’s “tired of trying so hard” in regards to his work as a YouTuber.

He said that he was a very routine-driven person with a strict way of doing videos every day. Now that he’s moved to his old office and has been sick the past seven days, he’s grown weary of his routine and is tired of “trying so hard.”

He said that in the past, he would record videos even when he was sick. He also said that two years ago when his internet was down and he couldn’t upload videos properly, he took his laptop, ran outside at 4 a.m., and used the Wi-Fi of neighbors. He had to do that for two weeks. But now he’s not going to force himself to upload videos. “If I’m sick, I’m just going to be sick,” he said.

He also said that he didn’t want to say that working in YouTube is hard or that he wanted people’s sympathy. He just wants to be transparent to his viewers and wants a looser approach to making videos.

I’m not tired of making videos. I’m just tired of trying so f*cking hard. If you noticed a …read more

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