Adam Bosworth, VP, Amazon Web Services (Linkedin photo)

Adam Bosworth, VP, Amazon Web Services (Linkedin photo)

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the mysterious Amazon Web Services project that prompted the company to sue a former employee for breaching a non-compete agreement, but one interesting detail has emerged: Adam Bosworth appears to be leading the project.

Heavily-redacted court documents indicate that Bosworth, a well-known tech executive who made his mark at companies including Google and Microsoft, is the primary force behind the secretive AWS project at issue in the case. His involvement is notable in part because Bosworth himself was the target of a non-compete claim from Microsoft many years ago.

Amazon is claiming Gene Farrell, a former AWS executive, would have known the project competes with similar products developed by Bellevue, Wash.-based Smartsheet. For now, AWS has successfully prevented Farrell from working Smartsheet as vice president of product, after a judge granted a temporary restraining order based on an AWS suit claiming Farrell is in violation of his non-compete agreement.

Gene Farrell. (Smartsheet Photo)

In a response to the Amazon suit, Smartsheet filed a motion claiming that the redacted project at AWS was “nascent” and that Farrell was “three levels removed from the work” that was being …read more

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