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Have you ever received a consistent stream of really complimentary texts, only to be disappointed because the guy never seems to follow up and make a plan to see you? We’ve all been there. It’s shocking and disappointing when actions do not follow words — especially when the words are so seductive. In this modern world of online dating with constant text messaging, it’s important to be on guard. Many men have no desire to commit to seeing you but will send you enticing texts, known as “breadcrumbs,” to keep you in his line-up.

In fact, I fell in love with a man in Italy who kept me hooked through his breadcrumbs of texts and emails. I wrote an entire book, “Smoke Drink F*#K” (Riverdale Avenue Books) about a seasoned breadcrumber who led me down a primrose path and promised to marry me. That was never his intention — it was really to keep me hooked.

Here are some ways to recognize breadcrumbing so you can avoid getting played:

Extremely complimentary texts: Many guys know what women like to hear and carefully use their words to seduce. They frequently send out texts or emails like “you are beautiful” or “you …read more

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