This is it, the final day of The International 2017. $24.6 million is on the line, $10.7 million of which going to the team who takes first place. Team Liquid is North America’s last hope to championing Dota 2’s most prestigious event. In a best-of-three, they prepare to fight for their spot in the grand finals against one of the most dominating teams in the tournament, LGD.Forever Young.

Game One

Team Liquid: Earthshaker, Keeper of the Light, Rubick, Bloodseeker, Lone Druid
LGD.Forever Young: Lich, Earth Spirit, Puck, Lifestealer, Sniper

The early game was tense, for everyone. Spectators could see the itch both teams had, wanting to lay on the pressure with well-timed ganks during the laning phase, but there was too much on the line for anyone to take any unnecessary risks. LFY and Team Liquid were two teams that had gained very early leads over their opponents throughout The International, and they knew that one instance of overextending could spell disaster for their first game. First blood eventually went to LFY’s Super, who claimed a double kill on Team Liquid after six minutes, and the two teams went back to minding their own businesses while farming.

LGD.Forever Young was first to gain a …read more

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