If you want to work at the Farmer’s Dog, the fresh made and personalized meal delivery service for dogs, you have to be prepared to do one thing first – eat the dog chow. This might seem like a ghastly test, but the Brooklyn startup thinks it’s important to emphasize that the food they make is safe for humans, and so by default, safe for a human’s four-legged friend too.

“It’s fun think about the food being safe enough to eat, so you may as well try it,” says Jonathan Regev, a cofounder of Farmer’s Dog. But, he adds, “people are usually disappointed by how bland it is, it’s just meat and vegetables.”

Regev and his co-founder Brett Podolsky got their start after Podolsky’s dog, Jada, needed home cooked food to stay healthy. Making meals that were nutritionally balanced enough to keep the vet happy was tough and time consuming. Podolsky was willing to do it for a short time, but realized others might not be despite their desire to feed Fido a fresh dinner.

Their service is a little like a subscription meal service — think BlueApron, but for dogs. Customers order as many meals per week for delivery as they …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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