Vermouth founder and CEO Jamien McCullum. Photo via Saskia Potter Photography.

Using a traditional review app like Yelp, Google, or TripAdvisor can be helpful for those looking to find more information on a business. But they can sometimes be unreliable, too, particularly when it comes to trusting reviews.

That’s why a new Seattle startup has come up with an alternative that focuses on opinions from people you know.

Vermouth launched in Seattle this summer and is already seeing traction with its app that pulls your social networks together and lets you share your favorite places, experiences, and resources — everything from the neighborhood bar to a pediatrician — with folks that you trust.

Vermouth founder and CEO Jamien McCullum told GeekWire that people are more connected now than ever and you no longer need to rely on strangers and stars for advice on where to go.

“We have friends we trust,” he said. “That’s where Vermouth comes in.”

McCullum founded the company last year after his previous startup, a medical review app called DoctorBase, sold to Kareo in 2015. His experience at DoctorBase helped him realize how many businesses actually dislike Yelp; he knew there was a better solution.

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Source:: GeekWire

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