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Adobe says that ad tech companies have been charging advertisers hidden fees.
The company has inked deals with 15 ad tech companies to disclose all of their fees in its software.
The move comes as more marketers are scrutinizing their digital advertising budgets.

Apparently buying ads using ad tech software is a lot like paying for your wireless bill. There are lots of hidden fees.

So Adobe is requiring that every ad tech partner it works with discloses each and every fee it charges both marketers and publishers. If ad tech companies decline, Adobe won’t work with them, the company said.

Specifically, Adobe has signed contracts with 15 ad tech firms – including companies that help publishers sell digital ad space as well as firms that enable advertisers to buy ads on lots of websites in one interface – requiring them to disclose all their transaction fees.

These fees will be displayed for all customers using the company’s Adobe Advertising Cloud software. Here’s what it will look like (in this case, ‘SSP’s refer to ad tech companies used by publishers):

Adobe’s announcement comes as more and more big marketers are heavily scrutinizing their digital advertising buys. That’s been driven in part by several high profile …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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