Google on Thursday announced its largest philanthropic gift to date, pledging $1 billion over the next five years to nonprofits that provide skills and education for the modern workforce.

CEO Sundar Pichai announced the donation in Pittsburgh, Penn., a state that has been particularly buffeted by the U.S. workforce’s shedding of industrial job.

In a speech addressing the role of the Internet in the modern economy, Pichar said Google will donate the $1 billion to “front line organizations,” including $10 million to Goodwill for career development. He explained the money will focus on three areas: will use its philanthropic expertise to fund organizations working in three areas: closing the world’s education gap, helping people prepare for the changing nature of work, and ensuring that no one is excluded from opportunity.

Pichar also announced a second program under which Google employees will be able to donate one million volunteer hours to nonprofits, and a third one called “Grow with Google” that will help Americans acquire job skills.

The Google CEO also used the speech to tout Google’s recent efforts to use machine learning to improve job postings, and the economic impact of the company’s search and advertising business. According to Pichai, this …read more

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