No Heroes Here

Here are the top 12 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for No Heroes Here.

1. Use the Honey Flask to Group Enemies

Mad Mimic Interactive

• On each wave of foes, enemies will spawn separately, creating some space between them. Using the honey flask in front of enemies forces them to cluster, which makes it easier to kill them with fewer cannon shots.

2. Transporting More Than One Item at Once

Mad Mimic Interactive

• When transporting materials, a handy trick is to spam the throw/interact button while there are two or three items at the character’s feet. If done correctly the character will be quickly picking up and throwing said items, allowing the player to “carry” all of them at the same time. This is a faster and easier way to move items around the castle.

3. Stack Raw Materials Close to Their Crafting Station

Mad Mimic Interactive

• Sometimes stores are in such a position that is hard to access. To avoid delaying the production, players may throw a bunch of raw materials close to the station they’ll be working on. Just be careful not to annoy or get in the way of other players while doing so.

4. Throwing

Mad Mimic Interactive

• Some levels require players …read more

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