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Processor i3-7100U | Processor Passmark 3650 | RAM 8GB DDR4 | Graphics Card / Passmark Integrated | Hard Drive 1TB (5400RPM) HDD | Weight 5.12lbs | Display 15.6″, 1080P |

This snazzy laptop boasts decent specs and a chic exterior. For those who want a nice PC with plenty of storage capacity (one terabyte) for student or office use, this is a great choice. Boasting a 1080P display, decently fast i3 processor, and enough RAM for basic multitasking, this laptop is great for those who like its look and don’t mind hauling around 5.12lbs (a bit on the heavy side).

While this PC should work for most, it’s not recommended for those who will be editing videos or photos, or those who need a snappy and fast workstation; it’s all a bit on the slow side. This is a very basic, barebones computer for office or student use.

Price: $549

Dell computers are known for their reliability, performance and affordable prices. These Dell laptops vary in specs, but they all bring with them Dell’s quality in terms of construction and high quality parts.

Below each model we have detailed its processor, Passmark score (an objective measure of speed as tested by this website), the RAM (helps with multitasking and general speed), the graphics card (for gaming and video editing), its hard drive capacity and type, weight, and some characteristics about its display.

Regarding home or office use and basic applications like document creation, web browsing, and Photoshop, every PC on this list is great. That said, having a more powerful PC makes every task faster and often more enjoyable. If you want a fast PC, it is worth spending the money even if you don’t need it for gaming or editing videos.

Here’s the 10 best Dell laptops from lowest to highest price. Be sure to notice the “Editor’s Choice” which offers the most value at the best price.

1. Dell Orchid/Pink Laptop

Processor i3-7100U | Processor Passmark 3650 | RAM 8GB DDR4 | Graphics Card / Passmark Integrated | Hard
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