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Numerous reviews on Amazon for Tide Pods reference a dangerous meme.
The meme references a popular laundry product and how it looks like candy.
The rise of the meme has coincided with incidents involving people intentionally ingesting Tide Pods, but the reviews have not been taken down yet.

Don’t eat the yellow snow — or the orange, white, and blue pods.

A viral meme referencing eating the laundry product Tide Pods has exploded on the internet in recent weeks. The meme refers to the pods as if they were a food item, like the snack known as Fruit Gushers, and how they look like they should be edible.

It hasn’t stayed in the confined social media circles of Twitter and Tumblr, as memes are wont to do, and has spilled over into the world of online shopping. A search through the product page for Tide Pods on Amazon yields numerous joke reviews and answers to customer questions that refer to the laundry product as a healthy snack.

Many of the joke responses on Amazon go back weeks.

The joke’s start time is murky, but a 2015 Onion article that satirizes media reports of children ingesting the pods seems to be an …read more

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