Nintendo clearly spent 2017 doing more than just basking in the huge success of its Switch console. The company was also preparing to maintain its momentum into 2018 – and in a uniquely Nintendo way.

On Friday, Nintendo stock jumped more than 4% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange after the announcement of Labo, a new suite of accessories for the Switch. But Labo isn’t a VR headset, RFID reader, or other high-tech doodad. Instead, it’s a set of cardboard toys, aimed at letting young players assemble interactive Switch peripherals including a fishing rod, piano keyboard, periscope, or robot suit.

That’s right — a cardboard robot suit. If your heart doesn’t leap at the very idea, you might consider spending a bit more time with your inner child.

Nintendo’s announcement video shows Labo to be a very rare thing in video gaming. While most new games or consoles are touted as awe-inspiring technological leaps that will draw players into fantastic made-up worlds, Labo is simple, elegant, and rooted in tangible reality. While the Switch hardware is integrated into all of the cardboard toys, they still manage to evoke a simpler, more imagination-fueled era.

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