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Overwatch is kicking off 2018 with a barrage of new loot for players to enjoy including new emotes, sprays, and skins for their characters. Announced on January 17, Blizzard has promised a full week of previews for items arriving for the hit FPS next week. This is scheduled to continue until January 23 when the new map Blizzard World releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Many of these skins were revealed back during Blizzcon 2016, as they revolve around “cosplays” of various, famous Blizzard characters. The other set of skins are a mix of ideas from Blizzard and fan requests that have been made since the title’s launch. Among these include references to older designs and more fantastical ones. These are some of the coolest new skins released for the game and will certainly be sought after items for players.

What makes these skins great is they are not tied to any specific event or holiday. This means that all of the skins below are tied to the base game, meaning you can earn them from normal loot boxes. There will be no inflated cost either so these outfits will cost you a 1,000 gold regardless. Along with these skins, there …read more

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