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Apple is under fire for a software feature that slows down the speed of iPhone processors to prevent unexpected device shutdowns.
Congress, attorneys, and customers are criticizing Apple for not being clearer when the feature was introduced in early 2017.
Apple’s CEO says that when Apple “did put it out, we did say what it was.”
The feature was not mentioned in the release notes accompanying the update, but Apple quietly revised the notes to include a line about “power management” at some point after the update was released.

Apple is under fire for a software feature distributed to iPhones in 2017 that prevents shutdowns in devices with older batteries, in part by slowing down the clock speeds of their processors.

Congress, several international consumer protection agencies, and an estimated 45 class-action lawsuits are asking questions, and wondering if users should have been better informed that Apple was making a tradeoff between iPhone stability and speed.

Basically, many users feel that Apple should have let them know that a software update was going to slow down their phone, or given them a choice not to turn the update on. Apple says a phone with the feature active can take longer …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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