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Researchers have looked into how parents’ TV-watching habits affect their kids, but there’s not much research on how listening to a podcast or radio show influences childhood development.
It’s likely that playing a podcast in the background would not be as disruptive to kids as television.
But parents shouldn’t expect that young children are learning about the world by listening to informative podcasts, either.

Being a parent comes with millions of questions.

Many of the most anxiety-provoking ones fall into a simple category: “How is whatever I’m doing affecting my child?”

That question even applies to what parents do to relax.

Research suggests that even having a television on in the background can have lasting negative effects on kids’ language development — especially if it’s running for hours every day. The flashing light and varied noises from a TV are designed to draw attention, so they can interrupt children’s play, which is valuable learning time. Watching TV can also make parents less likely to interact with young children, which is crucial for development as well.

But what about the rapidly growing world of podcasts and audio storytelling? Is it equally disruptive for a parent to listen to a podcast while a child plays? Or …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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