GeekWire’s Todd Bishop checking out the Amazon Go high-tech retail store in Seattle this past week. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Smartphone in hand, I stood inside the Amazon Go store and turned the screen over to scan a unique QR code into the top of the waist-high interior gateway. With a cheerful three-toned beep, the system logged me in, the glass doors opened, and green lights beckoned me into the future of retail.

Amazon Go is finally a go: Sensor-infused store opens to the public Monday, with no checkout lines

Twenty-three seconds later, I was done shopping, standing back outside the gateway with my $2.99 bottle of Odwalla Strawberry C Monster Smoothie. It all happened so quickly I barely had time to think. I had simply grabbed the item and walked out, without standing in line or going through a traditional checkout. If anyone had been watching without knowing what was going on, it would have looked like I was shoplifting.

A short time later, the receipt appeared in the Amazon Go app, showing the amount debited for the purchase.

This is Amazon’s biggest experiment yet in high-tech retail — redefining the concept of grab-and-go grocery using a vast array of overhead cameras …read more

Source:: GeekWire

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