Classic game series “NBA Jam” may be coming back.
The game’s announcer spoke to ESPN about the project in a recent interview.
It’s not clear if the game is coming this year — it hasn’t even been officially announced — or where it’s headed.

25 years after the original “NBA Jam” set arcades on fire, the classic, over-the-top basketball series is making a triumphant return — maybe.

A “remake” is said to be in the works at Microsoft, according to the game’s original announcer Tim Kitzrow.

“I can’t speak anything to the specifics, but I can tell you there is movement in the works to get it done for the 25th year,” Kitzrow told ESPN in a recent interview. “I’m hoping that we get a remake that does justice to the original.”

That’s confusing for a few reasons. Primary among them: Microsoft doesn’t own the rights to “NBA Jam.”

Longtime “NBA Jam” fans may remember a previous remake of the game — 2011’s “NBA Jam: On Fire Edition” — that EA put out. This game:

It makes sense that EA put out that game: EA owns the rights to “NBA Jam,” which it acquired after Acclaim folded in 2004. The original arcade game was made by …read more

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