The first Amazon Go store is finally open to the public today, and it looks like Amazon is just getting started with the cashier-free convenience store concept.

Amazon has listed on its jobs page more than 40 positions working on Amazon Go, covering everything from real estate and construction to food service to IT, suggesting expansion of the cashier-free grocery concept. Asked about plans for future Amazon Go stores during the lead up and opening of the first location, company representatives on multiple occasions declined to comment.

The highly anticipated new concept lets any person with an Amazon account, a smartphone equipped with the Amazon Go app and a willingness to give up more of their personal privacy than usual grab anything they want and walk out, without going through a checkout line. After shoppers check in by scanning their unique QR code, overhead cameras work with weight sensors in the shelves to precisely track which items they pick up and take with them. Amazon Go’s systems automatically debit accounts for the items customers take, sending the receipt to the app.

Framed against the overall growth of Amazon — the tech giant employs more than 541,900 …read more

Source:: GeekWire

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