For TechRadar’s Fitness Week, two of my colleagues and I have taken on the task of writing daily diaries about our exercise regimes. And now we’re over halfway through January, I feel it’s either now or never to get fit.

Over six days, we’re going to attempt five different activities ranging from running to gym-ing and report back how it went and, more importantly, how well the tech suited our experience.

The three diaries are split over levels, so you’ve got the option of a beginner (the one you’re reading now) an intermediate and a fitness obsessed diary.

As I’m taking on the beginner level, I’m using a relatively basic fitness tracker called the Moov Now. It currently sits at number one on our best fitness tracker list and we love it for being an all-round great fitness device at an affordable price.

Be sure to head back here everyday until Saturday 27 January where our final wrap up entry will be published.

Not a beginner? Be sure to read our intermediate diary or our fitness obsessed diaryDay 1) Running

I’ve never gelled with the idea of putting one foot in front of the other really fast.

I’ve tried on multiple …read more

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