It’s hard not to think of vacuum cleaners when Dyson Ltd. comes up in conversation, but the U.K.-based company has released a slew of other products in its 31-year history including bladeless fans, hand dryers and robotic cleaners.

Dyson may not be the first to market, but, just like Apple Inc., it tends to come in with premium-tier offerings with corresponding price tags, boasting that its engineering is better than its competitors and that makes up for lost time.

Indeed, Dyson wants consumers to stop thinking of it as a mere vacuum company and start thinking of it as a problem-solving technology company, one that spends billions of dollars on research and development and has the wherewithal and brand power to open physical stores and tackle the biggest challenges, such as trying to build an electric vehicle from scratch in about four years.

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Dyson last fall said it will spend US$2.7 billion to make a zero-emissions electric vehicle by 2020. The company said its expertise in engineering, motors, airflow and …read more

Source:: Financial Post – Tech

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