Did you buy Nokia’s (formerly Withings’) most expensive smart scale, the Body Cardio? Unfortunately, Pulse Wave Velocity, one of its highlight features that tracks the speed of your blood flow, is being unceremoniously deactivated on January 24.

According to Nokia, which sent out a notice to N users and posted on its website, the feature is being switched off due to it requiring a “different level of regulatory approval” – in layman’s terms, Nokia could find itself in legal trouble if it kept the PWV function up and running.

In this age, it’s a blessing and a curse that products can be updated post-release. Sure, most companies use this as a benefit, adding onto products with pro-consumer updates. But in the case of Nokia, those who paid good money ($80 more than the next cheapest scale) have found themselves in an unfortunate situation. And because it’s a Wi-Fi connected smart gadget, you can’t avoid the automatic update.

Nokia points out that all other features are unaffected, and thankfully, the company’s offering a plan to make it up to customers. If you’ve purchased a Body Cardio smart scale, you can opt in to a $30 credit to spend or get a full refund …read more

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