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Good morning from Davos, Switzerland, where I’m attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. It is a one-of-a-kind event, a mixture of unalloyed commerce, high-minded do-gooderism, and brass-tacks policy discussions, attended by corporate bigwigs, journalists, academics, non-governmental organizations, and top government officials.

To prepare for my trip last week I called Ian Bremmer, my favorite globalist and the head of his own political-analysis consultancy, the Eurasia Group. I asked Bremmer the three things Davos attendees either will or should be discussing this week. His take:

* The global economy. Leading plutocrats will be pinching themselves on how well things are going a decade after the financial crisis, says Bremmer. “If you are in the top .001% you’re just minting it,” he says. “This is a happy group.” Risks abound, including the sustainability of the expansion and the durability of low interest rates. But by and large the well-heeled attendees have every reason to feel quite good this year.

* The big geopolitical underside. Bremmer says major keynote speeches by India’s Modi, France’s Macron, and …read more

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