TORONTO — Ray Reynolds has attracted over 200,000 views to his travel adventures on YouTube, but last week he learned his Canadian video channel just wasn’t popular enough.

In a brief email sent by Google, the Vancouver-based creator of “Vacation: Impossible” was bluntly informed he would soon lose status as a monetized channel, effectively stripping his ability to earn money off his videos. YouTube was pushing smaller channels out of its monetization program, the email said, but if he worked harder to draw in viewers maybe he would get back into the exclusive club.

“I’ve never been in it for the money,” Reynolds said of making his videos.

“(But) I felt like something I had earned was being taken away and somehow that made me want to hold on to it all the more.”

It’s a sentiment some Canadian creators have expressed over the past week as news spread that many were being kicked from YouTube’s Partner Program. Some wondered if having a uniquely Canadian bent to their videos would only make it more difficult to meet YouTube’s new standards.

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Source:: Financial Post – Tech

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