One of the first major player banning in the Overwatch League has officially happened and the user involved is none other than Dallas Fuel’s xQc aka Felix Lengyel. On January 18 Dallas Fuel and the Huston Outlaws faced off for the first time. This was shaping up to be one of the biggest rivalries in the entire League, but Huston managed to sweep Dallas with a 4-0 score. After the match, Huston’s Muma was interviewed about the game where he stated that they “Rolled and Smoked” Fuel – which is a taunt xQc says a lot.

After the matches, xQc took to his live stream where he vented about the game and what Muma said. During this, xQc stated that Muma should “suck a fat cock.” Quickly after making this insult, xQc took to Twitter to apologize for his comments towards Muma. Huston’s player accepted the apology on Twitter, however, xQc was still going to be punished.

No hard feelings at all and I apologize for what I said back. You’re on a great team and I fully expect you to return to full force before playoffs. GL my doggie 😉

— Austin Wilmot (@Muma) January …read more

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