Amazon Go

Amazon has opened its store of the future, Amazon Go, to the public.
The store uses cameras and sensors to track what shoppers take from the shelves, so they can just walk out without stopping to check out.

Amazon Go is finally here.

The store featuring Amazon’s “just walk out” technology finally opened to the public on Monday, following a lengthy delay. Located in Seattle near Amazon’s campus, it’s seen as the future of brick-and-mortar shopping, with complicated technology that’s designed to make in-store shopping as seamless and easy as shopping on

Here’s what it’s like to shop at the new store.

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Amazon Go opened to the public on Monday, January 22.

It might be the first store in the country that actually requires customers to have an app downloaded to their phones. To enter, you must scan the Amazon Go app’s bar code at the turnstiles. From that moment, cameras and sensors identify you by your Amazon account as you move through the store.

Moving through the store, the stock is much like any other convenience store. Prepared foods …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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