College textbooks cost a fortune and university fees are eye-watering, but there’s no need to spend extra money on student software.

This essential toolkit of free software will help students work smarter, stay secure and avoid procrastinating (none of us really do our best work at 3am, despite what we might tell ourselves).

Whether you’re heading off to college yourself or helping your kids get ready, we’ve gathered together all the essential apps a student needs to get more work done, stay safe, protect their work and ace those exams.

Office software: LibreOffice

Don’t pay through the nose for office software – LibreOffice is a great free option for students, and has all the tools you could possibly need

Students get a discount on Microsoft Office, but it’s still not cheap. Stretch your budget further by installing LibreOffice instead – it’s a brilliant office suite for students that gives you almost all the same features as Word, Excel and company, completely free.

It can save your work in whichever file type your lecturers prefer (including Microsoft’s proprietary formats), and makes light work of page numbering, indexes and footnotes.

If you really need Word, PowerPoint and Excel, check out Office Online. It doesn’t …read more

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