Friends movie fake

Sorry, there isn’t a “Friends” movie coming out this year.
A fan-made trailer for the non-existent film has gone viral on Facebook — and it’s tricky to tell that it isn’t real.
Facebook is the perfect platform for misleading posts to go viral as it doesn’t check posts like this.

Will Ferrell is lying to you. Or at least, a fake Facebook page that used his name is. There isn’t a “Friends” movie coming out in April.

But that hasn’t stopped a fan-made trailer for the non-existent film going viral on Facebook. The video posted by the “William Ferrell” page on Facebook has gotten 48 million views, 669,000 shares, 546,000 comments, and 665,000 likes.

The description of the video doesn’t mention anything about it being a fan-made trailer cobbled together using footage of the cast of “Friends” appearing in other shows. Instead, the description simply reads “Friends the movie ? (Coming April 2018).”

The page has since changed its name to “Funny Inc.” and dropped the “William Ferrell” name — but it still uses his photo.

This post shows a major flaw with Facebook: Fake news can spread rapidly through the power of users interacting with it. The comments on the video illustrate this pretty clearly …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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