Bloodborne Totaku

Amiibos are perhaps the popular video game peripheral to release in years. Developed by Nintendo, these figures not only act as excellent display items but also offer inherent advantages for when they are used in conjunction with specific titles. This has made them fantastic for collectors and fans of specific series so it was only a matter of time until another publisher picked up the idea. Focused on various PlayStation gaming mascots, these items are called ‘Totakus’

The catch is that Totakus do not offer any gameplay value and are simply collectible figures for users to obtain. However, these items are still fantastic for any fan of the various series these collectibles span. Totakus are not limited to any specific era and span a plethora of famous Sony franchises like God of War, Crash Bandicoot, and Bloodborne.

All of the figures are produced by ThinkGeek, which is Gamestops collectible focused company. These items will cost $9.99 a piece and have no additional functionality outside of just looking cool. There has been no announcement by Sony or Gamestop to release future collectibles nor if these items will have a limited run. Given the sheer scarcity of the first wave of amiibos, one has …read more

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