Taking out a bank loan to buy a bike made of more carbon than seems possible is one way to make yourself faster, sure. But you don’t need to get the best bike on the road and worry about saving precious grams in weight when you could spend less, load up on tech, and actually get better results.

Wearables are coming on leaps and bounds as the tech in them becomes smaller, more affordable and smarter. This tracking gadgetry is what cycling hard is all about. By capturing metrics like speed, cadence, distance, heart rate and more you can fine-tune your training to get the most out of every leg press and pull.

From heart rate monitors that help you train in zones to hit specific targets to power meters that help you get the perfect spin for speed without the effort – this is the kit that’ll make your ride better.

Zwift is the best way to stay at home but still get your ride done in a group or solo. While Zwift is an app (for iOS, Windows and Mac) it also comes with 0% finance options for those that need a bike or turbo trainer …read more

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