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Rupert Murdoch recently talked about an interesting idea: Facebook could solve its Fake News PR nightmare by paying legitimate media companies for their content. It’s a model that’s served the cable industry very well.
Here’s the problem, explains former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile: the market dynamics for social media distribution are diametrically opposed to the pay TV world in fundamental ways.
Plus, it’s too late to expect giants like Facebook and Google to suddenly shift their thinking on this issue.

It seems like a killer idea. Facebook should pay media companies for their content, argued News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch on Monday.

For starters, this would be a welcome noble and public gesture for Facebook as it grapples with the scourge of fake news. Give some cash to the good guys protecting the world by producing real journalism!

Plus, there’s an obvious media business parallel that Murdoch latches onto. Cable companies like Comcast pay media companies to carry their networks, like say ESPN or VH1.

Why does Facebook think it’s better than cable companies, Murdoch might say?

Tony Haile, CEO of the stealth digital news payment startup Scroll, knows the digital media world well. As the former CEO of the analytics firm Chartbeat, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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