DJI is ready to tighten its grip on the drone market with the new Mavic Air. Announced today at an event in New York City, the $799 Mavic Air slots right in between the company’s cheapest drone (the $499 Spark) and its most capable prosumer model (the $999 Mavic Pro).

The Mavic Air is truly a blend of those two drones. From certain angles, especially from the top, it resembles a stockier Mavic Pro, while from others (the front) it looks an awful like the Spark. Like the Mavic Pro, the drone folds up for better portability. But it folds up into a smaller footprint than the Spark, and is 41 percent lighter than the Pro.

4K video at 24 or 30fps, 12 megapixel stills

The specs of the Mavic Air are much closer to those of the Pro, which…

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Source:: Theverge – Tech

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