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AMD was one of the most popular stocks on stock trading app Robinhood in 2017, but millennial investors weren’t too pumped about the stock ahead of its earnings.
The company is currently mired in the CPU security flaw known as Spectre.
Watch AMD stock price trade in real time here.

AMD has been a millennial mainstay stock for a while, but the young investing crowd is starting to turn on the chipmaker in preparation for its fourth-quarter earnings report.

Investors on Robinhood, the stock trading app popular with millennials, are selling the stock about 5% more often then they are buying shares. This is a stark reversal for AMD. Last quarter, Robinhood users were buying shares 20% more than they were selling.

The company also topped the list of popular stocks on Robinhood in 2017, despite losing 3.14% for the year.

AMD has been struggling to deal with the Spectre CPU flaws that have been rocking the tech world this year. What was initially thought to be a security flaw only in Intel’s chips, is now known to affect nearly every CPU maker. AMD and software makers are working to patch the flaws, but the patches could affect performance by …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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