OneDrive for Business

Microsoft has announced a new feature which allows OneDrive users to roll back their cloud storage account to any point in the last 30 days, but this capability is only available to business users at this point – although hopefully it might reach consumer OneDrive accounts in the future.

Files Restore is described as a complete self-service recovery solution, and is accessed via Settings. It presents a menu showing a graph of activity pertaining to your OneDrive account over the last 30 days, allowing you to see exactly what happened on each day, and pick out a recovery point (i.e. when someone messed up a crucial file, or before a ransomware infection struck).

You can restore just a couple of files, or a whole load, and the process is all carried out with just a few clicks.

Easy recovery

Of course, there is a recycle bin in OneDrive allowing for file rescue anyway, but this goes further in offering a dead simple recovery process for potentially your entire cloud storage locker in the case of some major disaster like ransomware.

It was previously rumored that Microsoft would allow this feature to restore your OneDrive account to any point in the past, but …read more

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