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Over the past year, airlines have increasingly come under fire for racist incidents — and now, for sexual assault. Though incidents of sexual assault and harassment on airplanes are far from new, the first week of 2018 has already seen one story break about a woman sexually assaulted on a Spirit Airlines flight. As 2017 brought more attention to the occurrence of harassment, all eyes are now on corporate airlines for their failure to appropriately address the abuse.

The International Air Transport Association stated that worldwide last year there were 211 incidents of “inappropriate sexual behavior.” Of those, IATA said less than 50 percent were subsequently sent to the authorities and airlines are unable to file charges in these instances. Thus, a spokesperson told Reuters they “believe under-reporting occurs.”

A 2,000-person survey by the Association of Flight Attendants found that one-fifth of responding flight attendants “had dealt with complaints of sexual assault from passengers,” as the Seattle Times reported. Also of the survey’s finding, the Seattle Times wrote, “that law enforcement was contacted or met the plane less than half of …read more

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