SOS, the game show survival game, has entered Steam’s early access program today and it have a definite appeal to Twitch streamers.

The game puts 16 players on an island as they either work together or as a lone wolf trying to track down three relics scattered throughout the map. If a player is able to track down a relic, they are then tasked with shooting a flare into the sky and escaping the island via a helicopter.

Personally, my favorite part of the game is the delightful opening to the game. All 16 players introduce themselves and are given a few seconds to think of an answer on the spot. While players don’t create their own in-game avatars they do have a nice variety of contestants to choose from to represent themselves.

Once you select your character, you’ll be able to customize his or her clothing but there aren’t a whole lot of options to choose from at the moment. Since the game is in early access, that is likely to change as the game goes further into development.

The game itself is heavily reliant on having a microphone and you character’s lips actually sync up with your words so it looks like …read more

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