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Apple’s HomePod speaker goes on sale February 9.
It’ll be a great device, but it’s much more limited than competing products from Amazon and Google.
Apple missed an opportunity to be a major player in voice computing hardware, a growing and popular category now dominated by Amazon.

After about a two-month delay, Apple’s HomePod smart speaker will go on sale February 9.

It seems like a great device, especially when it comes to sound quality. I heard one during a demo last year and it sounded a lot better than competing devices like the Amazon Echo and Sonos Play 3.

But the $350 HomePod will only be a great device for a much smaller addressable market than the competition. Apple has missed its opportunity to break into voice computing hardware, a popular and growing gadget category now dominated by Amazon and Google.

Like I said after CES earlier this month, Amazon and Google now have the lead in voice, and that lead is only going to widen over time as Apple continues to maintain a closed ecosystem.

To recap:

HomePod is primarily a music accessory, and its voice controls only work with Apple Music: Like the rest of Apple’s products, the HomePod is locked into …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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