Kengoro is a humanoid robot that can do exercises.
It features sensors in its joints and has over 100 motors, making it capable of doing push-ups and even playing badminton.
Kengoro is created by researchers at University of Tokyo’s JSK lab, who aimed to model the robot to have similar muscle and skeletal structures found in human bodies.

Meet Kengoro, a robot modelled after humans who is capable of completing physical exercises.

The humanoid machine can be seen doing push-ups and crunches, and can even play badminton.

Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo’s JSK lab created the robot to closely resemble the anatomy of the human body.

It features sensors in its joints and has over 100 motors that replicate the muscle and skeletal structure found in humans. Its creators believe that Kengoro can help us better understand our bodies and the neural networks that control them through the data it collects when doing exercises.

Produced by David Ibekwe.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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