Acer Aspire E 15, best laptops 2018


Processor / Passmark Speed i5-8250U // 7658 | RAM 8GB | Graphics Card MX150 | Hard Drive 256GB SSD | Weight 5.27lbs | Display 15.6″, 1080P | Extras Ethernet, DVD |

The Aspire E15 has always performed well on our lists because it’s a great utilitarian laptop. It’s not sexy or lightweight, but it’s got everything you need to do anything but gaming. For $599, this machine can handle 1080P video editing, Photoshop, web browsing, and plenty of tabs on Chrome. With a Passmark processor performance score of 7658, it’s not the most powerful machine out there, but at this price, it’ll more than do the job. It also has a fast SSD. As I said, this is a utilitarian machine and its biggest drawback is its weight, 5.27lbs is not light. Still, if you don’t mind lugging it around, you can pay little, get a lot, and enjoy excellent battery life of 15+ hours.

Amazingly, this is the cheapest PC on our list, and also the only one with a dedicated graphics card. While the MX150 isn’t amazing, it will allow you to play some modern games at low settings in 720P.

Price: $599

Intel released their new 8th generation processors known as the “Coffee Lake” iteration in October of 2017 and now these processors are finally making their way to laptops, desktops and more.

Frankly, I tend to think “newer is better,” but is this really true? What’s so great about “Coffee Lake?” Wasn’t “Kaby Lake,” the previous generation, just fine? I’d like to swim in this Coffee Lake.

The difference between generations of Intel processors is incremental not exponential. You’ll be perfectly fine going with an older 7th generation processor, but the biggest perks of the newest generation are that price to performance is better than ever. These processors don’t just clock faster than their 7th generation counterparts, they make your whole system a bit faster with upgrades to the RAM frequency, HDMI (video output), and HDCP (content output). To put it a bit more concretely in Intel’s words, “[These processors deliver] Performance boosts that deliver frame rate improvements of up to 25 percent compared with 7th Gen Intel Core for smooth gaming experiences and up to 65 percent faster editing in content creation compared with a 3-year-old machine.”

Going 8th generation means one can spend less to get more. It …read more

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