Women at Yale use “whisper networks” and Google Docs to share information about men they say engaged in sexual harassment or assault.
Sororities collect the names of these men and bar them from social events.
Women point to fears of social exclusion and a lack of faith in Yale as some reasons these information-sharing networks remain underground.

Women at Yale University use a variety of underground communication — including “whisper networks” and anonymous Google Docs — to protect themselves from men they say have engaged in sexual harassment or assault.

“There is such a large whisper network on campus, men on campus who have been flagged,” a female student at Yale, who requested anonymity, told Business Insider. “It’s all very much an open secret.”

These names are shared by word-of-mouth networks to inform students of men who women say are sexually unsafe.

“It’s well known on campus that there are certain people who are sexually aggressive, and that information is conveyed through informal channels of communication, particularly among women,” Helen Price, a senior at Yale, told Business Insider.

Price cofounded the student group Unite Against Sexual Assault Yale. She said networks formed because of students’ lack of trust in Yale to protect them from …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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