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Donald Trump is launching a major assault on renewable energy in the guise of a free trade policy.

His 30 percent tariff announced Monday on solar panel imports from nearly every country around the world deals a major blow to the clean energy industry in the United States. It will cost thousands of jobs here — installation is the big job creator in this industry, not manufacturing — and it will raise costs of solar for California homeowners and utilities.

All so the president can further line the pockets of oil and coal tycoons whose industries pollute the environment and deplete the finite supply of fossil fuels.

Trump claims the tariff is necessary to give U.S. solar manufacturers a level playing field. He notes that imports from China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam constitute more than 80 percent of the solar panels sold in the United States.

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But Solar Energy Industries Association CEO Abigail Ross Hopper forecasts that the new policy will …read more

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