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Google’s next developer conference is still months away, but the company didn’t waste time in hiding the date inside an online game.

With the help of “more than 100 Discord users,” The Verge solved a series of puzzles Google put in place on the I/O 2018 website and discovered that this year’s dates are 8-10 May.

The game, which you can “play” by clicking on this link, will take you directly to Google’s Mountain View headquarters, outside of the Google Developers building.

There’s somewhat ominous music playing in the background, and you can move around the environment as if it were a normal Street View tour.

The Verge reports that one of the rooms you access includes a pineapple cake, which could be a hint at the name of Android’s next version (Android releases are all differentiated by alphabetically sorted names inspired by sweets, with Oreo being the latest).

Google will certainly share more as the date approaches, but for now, you can dig inside the company’s HQ for some adventurous fun.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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