Google might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about government lobbying, but the search giant spent more than any other company on the effort last year.

Breaking its own record, Google


spent over $18 million on lobbying efforts in Washington in 2017, advocating its position on a range of issues, including immigration, tax reform, and online advertising. It outspent both its tech rivals and companies from other industries like media and telecoms. And according to the Center for Responsive Politics, it is the first time that a tech company has spent the most on lobbying efforts.

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It was a record spending year for a number of other tech companies as well. Facebook spent $11.6 million on lobbying efforts, Amazon $12.8 million, and Apple $7.1 million. Each of these company’s expenditures grew by well over $1 million from the year prior. All told, the combined expenses of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google reached close to $50 million.

Most of the tech giants funneled some of this money toward saving net neutrality, reviving DACA, and …read more

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