This weekend’s 60th Annual Grammy Awards will feature big names like Beyonc?, Rihanna, and Watson. The latter is IBM’s famous artificial intelligence platform, which the Grammys are enlisting to curate the videos and photos being released to music fans following along with this year’s awards show on social media in real time.

IBM is partnering with Grammys organizer the Recording Academy to provide Watson’s AI services to populate the event’s social media feeds with automatically-generated content during the Grammy Awards ceremony, which airs this Sunday, Jan. 28, on CBS.

IBM’s Watson will get to work before the ceremony even starts, analyzing and sorting “hours of video and close to 125,000 photographs” taken during the Grammys’ hours-long red carpet show ahead of Sunday’s event, IBM said in its announcement. The platform will use features such as facial recognition, even analyzing stars’ “facial emotion,” to pick out the best images and videos to post for fans online.

IBM added that Watson will even sift through decades of songs, analyzing the “emotional tone of Grammy-nominated song lyrics,” as part of its AI-generated output of social media content. Considering the large number of recording artists who will be in attendance …read more

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