Yet another Silicon Valley venture capital firm raising yet another fund isn’t usually big news–it happens all the time. But as reported in Fortune‘s January feature, the $181 million fund recently closed by Palo Alto-based Aspect Ventures is a little different: It has attracted a couple of new, big-name limited partners (a.k.a. the investors in the investors), due in large part to the firm’s long-time focus on investing in a diverse pool of entrepreneurs. Among those new LPs–Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The philanthropist and investor has a history of putting her money where her mouth is, and this particular investment is no exception. Indeed, she has a lot to say about why she put money into Aspect, a firm co-founded by veteran investors Theresia Gout and Jennifer Fonstad. Gates also has some thoughts for other LPs, many of whom are scrambling to figure out how to respond to the recent slew of sexual harassment problems in the tech world. Fortune caught up with Gates via email to ask more questions about all of the above.

Fortune: What are the reasons you decided to invest in Aspect’s fund? How does diversity and culture factor into …read more

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